What are Solo Ads?

What are Solo Ads?

Short and simple.

Solo Ads are an advertisement designed to be marketed by sending YOUR email swipe to someone else’s list of email subscribers.  The subscribers then have a chance to open your offer and click on your promotional link to further examine whatever you are promoting.  Every time someone clicks on your link, you pay the solo ad list provider a certain amount of money (Solo ad clicks can range from low’s of .25/click to as much as 2.oo/click depending on the niche you are promoting.

So, to buy a solo ad, you simply decide on how many clicks you want to send to view your offer. Then contact the solo ad provider and let them know how many clicks you want, the link you want them to click, and (in some instances) the email swipe you want to send out.

You then pay for your clicks and notify the solo ad provider that you have done so.                                                                          They, in turn, will get back to you to let you know when to expect delivery,                                                                                            and will usually give you a “tracking link” that you can click on at any time to see how the ad is performing.

Good tracking services also filter out fake “bot” clicks, double clicks, and multiple clicks from the same user so that you can be sure you are getting quality clicks and real humans doing the clicking.

Here at SoloAdsdotCa we only use click magick for our click tracking and bot filtering.


Because they are the best at what they do.                                                                                                                                                          Because we only provide clean, bot free, real human traffic.                                                                                                                  are Using click magick assures that you are getting the best traffic available to your website period.

Our goal here at soloads.ca is to make your traffic purchase as simple as possible.

To buy a solo ad from us you need only your affiliate link.

Simply go to the self serve order page, select the type and amount of traffic you want,  and paste your affiliate link into the order form.

We will get back to you within 24 hours (actually we usually reply within an hour or so).

We will give you a click magick tracking link and your traffic will start running shortly after.


Interested in learning more about Click Magick?

Click Here to get your free click tracking guide and never pay for fake bot clicks again.

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