Web Site Rotator Software – Do You Need It?

Website rotator software is my favorite software to work with, as well as what I consider one of the most important pieces of software in my business.

“What the hell is Website Rotator Software”?

The simple answer is that it is a type of software that lets you organize 2 or more website URL’s so they can be displayed in a specific rotation.

Most basic rotators keep statistics for you about how many clicks each link in the rotation receives.

Some rotator software only allows you to rotate a specific number of websites.

Other rotator software comes loaded with features including the ability to track a variety of actions on every page in your website or sales funnel.

Using and understanding tracking software is so important to your business, that many businesses’ and product creators offer automated integration service for a variety of link trackers, and link tracking software.

My website rotator thoughts.

I started using a simple free website rotator early on as an easy way to test different landing pages for products I was trying to promote.

I would simply make 2 identical pages and then change a word or color on one page, send traffic to it, and then see which performed better.

It worked great and soon I had a very good idea of what landing pages performed the best.

Problem is,

I quickly realized that my business was starting to grow, and understanding my numbers was a huge part of those first steps to success.

I also realized that  I needed to know more performance statistics about each step my customers took. But the thought of trying to set up sophisticated tracking felt overwhelming.

Fortunately, I was quite wrong

Click on the first blue link to watch the video and see how easy it was to set up a basic rotator for an affiliate product.

Using Website Rotator Software to track Clickbank Products

OR.. click this red link to get a more detailed printable guide to link tracking.

Download your own PDF copy of the Tracking Guide Here

While you’re here,

Download this PDF about other software tools you may need.



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