What are Solo Ads?

What are Solo Ads?

Short and simple.

Solo Ads are an advertisement designed to be marketed by sending YOUR email swipe to someone else’s list of email subscribers.  The subscribers then have a chance to open your offer and click on your promotional link to further examine whatever you are promoting.  Every time someone clicks on your link, you pay the solo ad list provider a certain amount of money (Solo ad clicks can range from low’s of .25/click to as much as 2.oo/click depending on the niche you are promoting.

So, to buy a solo ad, you simply decide on how many clicks you want to send to view your offer. Then contact the solo ad provider and let them know how many clicks you want, the link you want them to click, and (in some instances) the email swipe you want to send out.

You then pay for your clicks and notify the solo ad provider that you have done so.                                                                          They, in turn, will get back to you to let you know when to expect delivery,                                                                                            and will usually give you a “tracking link” that you can click on at any time to see how the ad is performing.

Good tracking services also filter out fake “bot” clicks, double clicks, and multiple clicks from the same user so that you can be sure you are getting quality clicks and real humans doing the clicking.

Here at SoloAdsdotCa we only use click magick for our click tracking and bot filtering.


Because they are the best at what they do.                                                                                                                                                          Because we only provide clean, bot free, real human traffic.                                                                                                                  are Using click magick assures that you are getting the best traffic available to your website period.

Our goal here at soloads.ca is to make your traffic purchase as simple as possible.

To buy a solo ad from us you need only your affiliate link.

Simply go to the self serve order page, select the type and amount of traffic you want,  and paste your affiliate link into the order form.

We will get back to you within 24 hours (actually we usually reply within an hour or so).

We will give you a click magick tracking link and your traffic will start running shortly after.


Interested in learning more about Click Magick?

Click Here to get your free click tracking guide and never pay for fake bot clicks again.

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Welcome to Solo Ads dot Ca – Five ways to get the most from solo ads.

Five ways to get the most from solo ads.

First thing;

All the traffic we provide is real human traffic.

I’m a marketer, as well as the admin of this site.

I built most of my email followers and my Biz Op using solo ads as my main lead source.                                                            They are an easy and consistent source of obtaining subscribers for my training, insights, and affiliate promotions.

When I started using solo ads, FB leads, and guaranteed leads as a way to build a list of subscribers for my business opportunity, I tried many lead sources.

Some of these had been recommended to me as a source of quality subscribers who love to buy things or read my blog.

Unfortunately, many leads didn’t convert or even show the slightest interest.

Yet some others gobbled up the training as fast as I could send it out and gave me sales before I could even send out the second email.

I quickly realized that some traffic sources are more suited to certain offers than others.

Once I finally knew where to get my traffic from, I could put my lead generation on auto-pilot.

This allowed me to focus on finding and providing training, or product reviews, or whatever the business and my clients needed to move forward.

As my subscriber list grew, I realized that many of them were facing the same stumbling blocks finding quality paid traffic and leads.

I decided to start selling leads because I wanted my Biz-Op subscribers to have a lead source they could trust.

Now they do.  –  SoloAds.Ca

Solo ads and Guaranteed Leads are my favorite source of lead generation. But solo ads aren’t perfect.

While the industry overall is honest, there inevitably are people who put profits over service.

Many times I ended up with a list infected with bot subscribers, fake signups that disappeared as soon as the trial period was up, and much more.

I quickly learned to be more careful with my traffic purchases, until I had a list of solo ad providers who I not only trusted but who’s traffic responded by opening my emails.

You should do the same,

and this site should be the first name on that list for all your Biz Op offers.

In a day or two, I will be announcing another site where you can buy traffic that is best suited for product launches, and affiliate style offers.

The site is not owned by me, but I trust the owner/operator and highly recommend the traffic they will be offering.


Once someone clicked your link or joined your list, the solo ad or lead provider’s responsibility ends.

By joining your list, the subscriber has indicated that you have caught their interest and they are open to hearing more.

Now it’s your job to let them get to know you a bit. Tell them a story about a marketing or business problem you faced, how you fixed it, and the ultimate result. Even if the result wasn’t what you had hoped or expected, we all can relate to struggling.

Simple blog posts, videos, or emails with these stories, followed by a helpful gift like a PDF list, or a step by step video guide to getting started or solving a problem,  help your subscribers warm up to you.

It helps them appreciate joining you and hopefully, they will look forward to seeing your next email, or video, or blog post.

It also lets them decide for themselves if they want to stay subscribed to your list.

Hey, it’s a simple fact – not everyone is going to relate to you.

There are always going to be people who leave your list for one reason or another, don’t let it discourage you, and don’t take it personally.

Just keep moving forward. Keep gathering leads, and provide them honest, ethical, and truly useful advice.                You will build your tribe over time.

Hint – step back, look at the emails from the people you subscribe to. Use them as templates to create your own email series, in your own voice. By the way, I mean really look. Is there an email you received that made you want to open it or that made you want to click on the link? It simply may have been something you were already in the market for, or it may have been some thing new. Pay close attention to the link you clicked if there are more than one in the email. Why did you click that one and not the others. Don’t waste more than a few minutes doing this, just check it out, make some conclusions about why you liked the title, or the line that you decided to click on/

Once you investigate, use your conclusions to guide you in writing your own, or re-writing your company emails in your own voice.


We ONLY accept single opt-in landing pages. Period.

Learn about this and other simple compliance requirements to use our traffic,                                                                                  including our order process and how to use any discount codes you may have by clicking here.

Which reminds me,

Go to the home page and click on Free New Account,

fill out the form with your username, email, and password.  – DONE!

That’s all it takes to register and get a welcome discount code you can use on your first order.

No credit card required.

Registration also lets us send you free training on the best ways to use all the different traffic options we offer,                    including special discount codes, and more.


Don’t overextend yourself using paid traffic.

I personally started off my Biz Op with 100 clicks per week solo ads as my consistent traffic source.                                        I simply bought the clicks and set up the ad.

Once I knew the ad and the funnel was working properly, I focused on coaching or business tasks or other ways of bringing in leads and sales. Then as leads and sales came in I followed a simple system that let me scale-up my Solo Ad spend productively.

Soon I was able to send enough traffic to hit company leaderboards.

You can do the same.

(We share this information with our registered free members via our emails).

Hint – **Always test your links before submitting them to us**.

Think of paid traffic as your weekly constant source of new leads.

Once they join your list, share real, and valuable information that can help them be successful.                                                  Word of mouth still works, except that now it goes viral quicker, thanks to the Internet.

The more successful you can make your subscribers the better your business will become.


Transparency and integrity are the foundation of this company.

We want you to be successful with your business.

We pride ourselves in providing real, highest quality Biz Op traffic and leads.

As our customer, we know if are happy with our service,                                                                                                                            you will not only come back but you will refer others to us.

If you encounter any problems please submit a help request via our support page here

Final Word – We are still very new as we officially opened 1 Oct 2020.  If there is a feature or service you would like to see added to this site, please comment or contact us via support.

We welcome questions, comments, and suggestions related to our site, solo ads, or our niche leads.

Once again


Here’s to your list building success!

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